11 questions to Boramy Viguier

October 4, 2020

11 questions to Boramy Viguier, founder of Boramy Viguier

Your project/label in one sentence?
It’s not really about freedom. It’s more about fashion where the look is dictated by something stronger than the person wearing it. That’s why I like utilitarian, clerical, etc.

Define fashion in one sentence or one word?
A revelation of the wearer’s function.

What you love in fashion? 
The precision with which it describes the society.

What do you hate in fashion?
When she is opportunistic, tasteful, the one that is inspired by the pure moment, the one that emits a trend of the moment.

What do you believe in, in 2020 (in 2 or 3 words)
I frankly don’t believe in anything. The current period at least allows us to say that it is prudent not to predict anything.

What is a fashion show for you?
A fashion show is a century-old tradition. I think it’s important not to lose it.

What is a fashion week for you?
The same, a great tradition. Today it may be too much or too little. But I like the idea that for a week, culture is dedicated to fashion presentations. There’s a ritual side to it that I like. It’s like going to the cinema on Wednesday.

To sell online, for you, is…
“One” way to sell fashion. But I hope not the only one in the future. I don’t see life totally online. That’s too bad. There are things, often the most beautiful, that deserve to be touched, to be felt.

What did you learn from COVID 19?
That international sourcing and outsourcing of manufacturing can be a danger rather than an asset. That local values are the supreme values in terms of quality. We must stop thinking that quality work can bring the world to agree.

A victory these last months?
The launch of a women’s collection. I’m very happy to have done it. It was stylistically challenging.

A wish for the upcoming months?
I would like to do a fashion show again. I’ve only done one…and I like it very much.

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