11 questions to De Bonne Facture

October 7, 2020

Your project/label in one sentence?
De Bonne Facture is a durable menswear wardrobe, made with natural fabrics and regional ateliers.

Define fashion in one sentence or one word?
When clothing meets zeitgeist.

What do you love in fashion?
Wool, linen, crafts.wo.manship, dreams…

What do you hate in fashion?
When it becomes a system that traps and excludes. I admire people who keep their freedom and a form of distance towards fashion.

What do you believe in, in 2020 (in 2 or 3 words)?
Solidarity, eco-responsibility, questioning ourselves.

What is a fashion show for you?
A week to connect and share with everyone who’s around us : clients, press, friends, designers…. & have a good time.

To sell online, for you, is…

What did you learn from COVID 19?
Stay true, even truer to myself.

A victory these last months?
Succeeding in leading the brand towards even more durability and sustainability, collectively, with my team.

A wish for the upcoming months?
A live with activists to talk about masculinity with our community.

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