11 questions to Kwaidan Editions

October 3, 2020

Your project/label in one sentence.
Kwaidan Editions explores the interiority and strength of a woman’s vision.

Define fashion in one sentence or one word.
Creating and Losing Illusions.

What do you love in fashion?
That it is restless and always in a state of change.

What do you hate in fashion?
Always late and never enough.

What do you believe in, in 2020? 
Authenticity, Resilience and Being Right Sized.

What is a fashion show for you?
A climatic spectacle where everything comes to life in a moment.

What is a fashion week for you?
The craziest week of the year x 2.

To sell online, for you, is…
Not the only solution but an inevitability.

What did you learn from COVID 19?
 Looking inwards instead of outwards.

A victory these last months?
Production and deliveries were on time.

A wish for the upcoming months?
Not to forget what we learned during these past months.

Thanks to Patricia Romatet, IFM Labels

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