11 questions to Uniforme

October 2, 2020

Your project/label in one sentence
 Made to last uniforms

Define fashion in one sentence or one word
A projection of the future and its social and environmental challenges

What you love in fashion?
Being able to tell stories and develop them in harmony with our convictions.

What you hate in fashion
Excess and waste

What do you believe in, in 2020?
That a more sustainably-minded and quality driven fashion is possible

What is a fashion show for you?
The expression of a point of view

To sell online, for you, is…
Reach a wider audience and strengthen our economic model

What did you learn from COVID 19?
It has definitely strengthen our choice to choose local and artisanal production since the beginning.

A victory these last months?
See our creative offer finds its place thanks to our commitments. 

A wish for the upcoming months?
Emphasize French know-how always more through our constant search for quality and durability.

 Thanks to Patrica Romatet, IFM Labels 

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