A Conversation With: Hiromichi Ochiai

January 19, 2022
Courtesy: Hiromichi Ochiai 

After studying at Tokyo Bunka Fashion College, Hiromichi Ochiai launched his brand, FACETASM, in 2007. The name is a neologism of the words “facet” which refers to one side of something with many sides – and this became his design concept: same object, different meanings. In 2018, he was a finalist for the ANDAM Fashion Award. With a contemporary aesthetic rooted in the streetstyle, he has frequently collaborated with brands such as Nike, Levi’s, Coca Cola or Disney. 

Are you a dreamer?
I’m very much aware that I am a dreamer.

How do you distinguish sleep dreams and life dreams?
I know they are two different things, but in today’s fast-paced way of life, it’s easy to confuse them.

 Had you dreamed of becoming a designer?
Yes, the first ever realistic dream that I had was to become a fashion designer.

Why do you think people dream of working in fashion?
Fashion has the power to move people’s hearts. 

Do you try to interpret your sleeping dreams?
I don’t. I usually forget them once I wake. 

When was the last time a dream came true for you?
Even when I achieve my goal, my dreams change, so I have the desire to continue dreaming. 

In what moments do you dream best?
I always have a dream in the back of my head. 

What is your wildest dream for the state of the world?
I hope that all children will have happy dreams – both in reality and when they are sleeping – despite the many difficulties they are facing in these times.

 What is one dream you would like to achieve this coming year?  
I would like to continue designing, I think it’s important for me.

About the photo: 
When I design, I often create a calculated environment and in which I can strike a precise balance. For this season, FACETASM’s designs challenge the silhouette with exaggerated volumes. I wanted to present the clothes in a world where everything is accidental, such as the organic shapes of the trees in the Yanbaru forest on Okinawa Island and the movement of light changing in the wind.

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