A Conversation with Shiatzy Chen

March 7, 2022

Scenario with Conversation AW22/23 Collection

In the inspirations for this collection, we first see fire then there’s light. What is the idea behind these two elements?
Fire gave rise to the beginning of civilization. The match lights up the night; there is no light without fire, and no smoke without light. The final shadow proves the existence of light and fire. As if saying that the light and shadow, and all that’s splendid, began with the very first fire. It is pure and illuminating, representing the civilization entering advanced development.

Which design or silhouette in this season do you find best represent the spirit of this collection?
The first outfit taking the runway this season is the tasseled pant in mesh fabric, inspired by the bursting firework, the tassels swaying in movement embody the spectacularly colorful firework; coupled with the sportif slim-fit ribbed collar zipper top, the outfit echoes the relationship between the light, the creative process, and the flow.

What trend are we expecting in this season?
In this season, we see a generous use of designs such as slim-fit ribbed collar zipper top and print polo neck combined with premium fabric, demonstrating a new style of Oriental causal. The silhouette in the collection sees sleek and straight lines depicting the light, and the feathers and tassels are essential elements in this season, blooming into the bursting spectacular firework. Also widely used is the scarf in this season’s print pattern, a key accessory common to both men’s and women’s collections portraying a 1980s retro-modern look.

What is the idea you wish to convey through the AW22/23 collection?
The genesis is an essential metaphor in this collection and a tribute to the forever burning passion and inspiration in us, reminding us that every step we take is a trace of our past effort. Be it past dust or the colorful firework still burning, they are all equally important and equally worthy to be remembered.

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