A night cruise for AMI Spring / Summer 2021

October 15, 2020

For the first time ever, AMI was on the catwalk during the Parisian women’s fashion week calendar. For this special occasion and in a vibrant homage to the City of Lights, the founder of AMI Alexandre Mattiussi invited the brand’s friends to discover his collection with a proper physical fashion show on the banks of the Seine river facing the Île Saint-Louis.

Hosting the show in the center of the city was an opportunity to invite Parisians to be a part of the story. The show’s unique location allowed delighted passers-by to take part in the event, all enjoying a special set of Mattiussi’s DJ friend Jennifer Cardini. A symbolic cruise that celebrates the Parisian style that has been in Ami’s DNA since its beginnings.

Walking the runway, a casting of all ages wearing a mixed wardrobe with pastel tones and affirmed cuts. On the women’s side, patent leather trench coats, 60’s miniskirts, and black dresses. On the men’s section, a multitude of cool kids casted in the streets of the French capital, wearing lilac sneakers and cropped sweaters.

The AMI spring-summer 21 collection reflects the quintessential laidback atmosphere of a Parisian summer. It features a palette of subtle colors like warm beige, pistachio and water blue interacting with fresh tones of emerald green and purple. It celebrates the label’s effortless elegance and lifts a desire for freshness and positivity. A balanced wardrobe, in which classic elements are paired with spontaneity and exuberant touches.

All pictures by Alfredo Piola

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