A Take on Fashion: Dryce Lahssan

June 25, 2022

Though based in Paris, Dryce Lahssan is often traveling to key fashion cities and beyond as a consultant for various brands and special projects, to which he contributes a depth of industry knowledge and creative strategy. He is also the designer of a namesake trench coat label, LAHSSAN, that over the years, has developed a cult following for his precision tailoring and focused eye. For the first time, he has created a trench coat for men that complements his women’s piece. 

Courtesy of Dryce Lahssan

In what ways is exploration a natural part of the design process?
Someone said, “The eye has to travel”. I think I live by this motto. Either by hopping on a train or a plane to another city, or just sitting at a terrasse of a café in Paris and exploring immobile…  the designer eye has to be challenged, pleased, surprised or even choked. One has to be exposed to beauty and ugly to learn, understand and re-invent the world.

What are some of the themes and ideas that you would like to see designers exploring through the next few seasons?
Themselves! More than others. Isn’t it the most important and courageous journey? 

How have these past years shaped the way you explore fashion through social media and the virtual world?
Obviously, I’d say Instagram has been quite the accelerator, making fashion visible and available faster than ever. Although I must add that it often feels too intentional and curated for my liking. I would also mention my friends at the Vogue Runway app whose work helps me keep up with fashion weeks all over the world in addition to their amazing archives of shows. These archives are a great reference for designers and fashion lovers, too.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

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