A Take on Fashion: Luca Benini

March 6, 2021

As the mastermind behind Slam Jam, Luca Benini has maintained an underground following since 1989 – selling streetwear labels such as Stüssy decades before they reached the mainstream. Based in Ferrara, where he was born in 1962 and continues to live, he has built a retail business – first through physical spaces, then online – that pulses with a unique energy and style. Over the years, Slam Jam has established a community through music, art, clubbing and other forms of cultural currency, reflecting Benini’s own distinctive yet globally-influenced point of view.

What is a trend or item that reflects women’s style at this point in time?

I am not very mindful of trends; however, I believe accessories are still very important in defining a woman’s style. 

How can fashion as a form of individual and free expression play a role in our changing societies? 

A crucial role, fashion and clothing are excellent vehicles for meaningful messages to inspire and address change. With our voices, we must ensure this keeps happening in its purest form. 

How does the current crisis impact people’s relationship with clothing and fashion? 

I believe clothing and fashion will keep their important role in society – with the authentic and truly meaningful forms rising through.​

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