A Take on Fashion: Noah Beck

June 25, 2021

Photo courtesy : Vincent Mui

Noah Beck—the 20-year old TikTok star whose meteoric rise to fame has put the world on notice—isn’t letting celebrity warp his sense of style. He has expensive taste, sure, but he’s not label-chasing or dripping in logo mania. Rather, he’s happy pairing a designer jacket over an Urban Outfitters t-shirt, or a French football team jersey with running shorts. Beck is a native Arizonan now living in Los Angeles, and in addition to his burgeoning social media career, he’s also a devoted soccer player—and a growing fashion fan. Whether reviewing a Louis Vuitton show for Vogue or wearing Calvin Klein jeans and fishnet stockings on the cover of VMAN or, currently, visiting Paris for the first time to work on a project with the label Ami, Beck has made it clear: he’s arrived on the sartorial scene, and he’s here to stay. Below, his take on fashion in 2021.

You are representative of a rising generation; in what ways are you seeing fashion transforming or opening up for people your age?

I think with social media, and TikTok in particular, there has been a democratization of fashion—and a more inclusive and accepting belief than ever in using fashion as an expression of one’s identity. It’s not about fitting in anymore, or standing out. It’s just about being you, and using fashion as an extension in showing who you authentically are. 

What is one trend or article of clothing that you think will define 2021?

Not a groundbreaking idea, but, just considering the fact that we’ve all been cooped up living in sweats and athleisure for a year and a half, I think everyone is keen to start dressing up again!

What is something you’d love to see in the future of fashioneven if it’s the stuff of fantasy?

So outside of social media, I’m also an athlete, and tracking my performance is key. I would love to see more tech-infused fashion, and get data and analytics in real time from newer devices and garments compared to what’s available now. 

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