A Take on Fashion: Sarah Andelman

March 2, 2021

For two decades, from 1997 to 2017, Sarah Andelman spent nearly all her time at colette, the ground-breaking, culture-defining retail concept she developed and ran with her mother, Colette Roussaux. Almost immediately after they closed the store, Andelman shifted gears with the creation of JUST AN IDEA, a behind-the-scenes form of consulting. If she upholds near-total discretion regarding her clients, what’s certain is that she continues to shape and influence the realms of fashion, product, art and design. This month, she debuts JUST AN IDEA Books, a project that  will benefit from her expert curatorial eye and instinct for emerging talent. With each book dedicated to a different creator, the ongoing series celebrates the imagination – at work and at play.  

What is a trend or item that reflects women’s style at this point in time? 

Pyjama? Joggers? No, seriously, I think there’s a natural wish for comfort, but also for colors that convey optimism… 

How can fashion as a form of individual and free expression play a role in our changing societies? 

It’s interesting how women dress differently (or not) when it’s just for themselves instead of social events. Fashion is an expression of our époque, but also of our mentality. It can reflect if you’re in a good or bad mood, no? 

How does the current crisis impact people’s relationship with clothing and fashion? 

More than ever, people look for meaningful fashion, sustainable, less but better – and I hope all brands will take this into consideration. We don’t need “more products,” we just need “new products” with creativity and a reason for them to exist; real research coming from our way of life I would say. It’s similar to how some outerwear brands work on their design to protect from the cold, or figure out where to place the right pockets. What is the clothing for urban life tomorrow? 

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