A Take on Fashion: Tiffany Godoy

March 7, 2022

Tiffany Godoy, of Argentine-American background, grew up in Los Angeles, lives between France and Japan, and merges these varied cultures throughout her work and style. Newly appointed Head of Editorial Content at Vogue Japan, she is a multi-hyphenate, forward-thinking journalist, consultant, and content creator with an eye for new talents. Her books exploring Japanese fashion and street culture include Style Deficit Disorder: Harajuku Street Fashion—Tokyo (Chronicle, 2008) and Japanese Goth (Rizzoli, 2009). She is authoring a history of contemporary Japanese fashion, to be released by Thames & Hudson in 2023.

To what extent do you think fashion is about proposing/selling dreams? How might this have this have a positive effect on people? 
At its best it is enlightening, presenting an interpretation of the moment or where the moment can take us through the eyes of a designer. It opens the eyes, the senses, and the possibilities. Options are enticing, and in turn can be positive.

What is one trend or item of clothing that will define the coming year?
I feel that extravagant, artistic clothing is more and more visible thanks to musicians and their catch ball with fashion and fashion designers. And with the rise of direct-to-consumer practices, whether that is to a musician or another kind of super fan, designers are unfiltered in their visions. It’s art and commerce. 

How does this visual speak your dreams of fashion?
I wore these Balenciaga heels this week. [They are] so symbolic of the way a talented fashion designer can transform a shoe like Crocs into an extremely dreamy item. From reality to runway.  

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