A Take on Fashion: Tina Leung

March 4, 2021

Fashion stylist and influencer Tina Leung is a regular style fixture, whether on the streets or online. She grew up in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, and spent a year at Bates College in Maine, before transferring to Bristol University where she studied drama. It was upon moving to New York and studying at Fashion Institute of Technology that she gained experience assisting various stylists across the U.S. When Leung returned to Hong Kong in 2005, she spent a year at a magazine, and began freelancing as a stylist and writer. Her personal blog, Tina Loves, quickly gained a following thanks to her personal chronicling of shoots, fashion week adventures, outfits and backstage action. Leung has collaborated with luxury brands including Valentino, Prada, Chanel, and Loewe. To this day, she remains passionate about shoes.

What is a trend or item that reflects women’s style at this point in time?

I think right now, from what I see in America, it’s the sweat suit that you can wear with a fabulous coat overtop. I think that this is now common amongst women – although I haven’t done it yet. I need some sort of waistband to make me feel like I’m not taking a nap at home. But then I also gained weight during the first lockdown in New York that lasted from March through June 2020, so I’m rotating between the same 4-5 pairs of leather or printed pants, a T-shirt or sweater, and a warm, wonderful coat.

How can fashion as a form of individual and free expression play a role in our changing societies?

Fashion has always told us of the times. When Christian Dior proposed The New Look in 1947, two years after the war ended, he signaled that opulence and fantasy were back. The long, sweeping skirts and big shoulders. People were even protesting in the streets, they were so shocked! Fashion – or, simply, clothing – is one of the most direct forms of expression, whether intentional or not. 

How does the current crisis impact people’s relationship with clothing and fashion?

What people want now is to feel comfortable and safe; but I know everyone is itching to come out and play and dress up after all of this is over. They say it’ll be like the roaring ’20s again.

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