A Take On Fashion: Tommy Ton

October 2, 2021

For 15 years, Tommy Ton has been photographing fashion, and remains among those most synonymous with street style. His unwavering commitment to showing up; his innate and instant eye for a statement look; and the ease that people feel in his presence all contribute to his international following and industry respect. While his more recent pivot to creative director of Deveaux, a clothing brand in New York, preceded the pandemic, it gave Ton a new focus just as street style was forced to a halt. This season, the Canadian transplant is back doing what comes so effortlessly – taking snapshots of fashion at its most exciting, inclusive and inspiring. 

As the world moves ahead, what is your take on fashion’s role in contributing to positive change? 

Fashion has always mirrored the political and social landscape of society. We are in a moment right now when progressive change is happening. Representation means everything and fashion has really adopted that message and change is being made.

What is one trend or article of clothing that will define the coming year?

I think it’s quite clear that the idea of NFTs is becoming more and more a topic or discussion. It’s still quite foreign to the majority, but once the industry learns how to adopt them in a way that’s more manageable, this trend will become rapidly adopted. 

What is something you’d love to see in fashion’s future — even if it remains a fantasy? 

I’d love to see fashion return to a theatrical moment when there were visionary designers who could transport us and make us dream about fashion in a different way like Alexander McQueen and John Galliano.

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