Acne Studios Repurposed

October 1, 2020

Acne Studios is pleased to introduce Repurposed, a new series of drops made entirely from its excess fabrics and materials. It’s about creating something new from what already exists, finding positive and sustainable solutions through design.

The collection will arrive in selected Acne Studios stores and on on September 24.

Each drop will focus on specific materials or treatments, produced in the location where they are stored to minimise transportation. The first drop, a capsule collection for women, cuts and contrasts tweed with denim and leather. “Repurposed is about finding creative ways to be more sustainable. Acne Studios was founded on design experimentation, and today we want to use our creativity to take positive steps towards becoming more mindful,” says Jonny Johansson, Creative Director of Acne Studios. For each drop of Repurposed, the design team at Acne Studios will ask themselves a question: what can be done with these specific excess materials? The creative expression is in the limitations, with each capsule collection having its own point of view. The designs will be created from what remains in each location from previous Acne Studios collections, including any buttons and trimmings. Different drops will feature different design solutions, from deconstructing garments to cutting new pieces from excess fabrics; from patching together to exploring treatments such as lasering, dyeing and overprinting. The first Repurposed drop features women’s core essentials, finding tension by cutting and splicing fabrics together, with zips as a recurring motif.
A fitted blazer is cut from two different tweeds, with a contrasting sleeve and side panel in brown tailoring wool, with a trim of zipper teeth on certain parts. An oversized tweed trucker has detachable denim sleeves, while a roomy shirt is cut from two contrasting cloths. Jeans and pants are cut from vertical panels of denim, tweed, tailoring cloth and leather, while a short black denim skirt has a zippered front panel of tweed.

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