Azzaro In Conversation with Sylvie Kreusch

October 3, 2021


Following the stunning live performance of artist Sylvie Kreusch at the invitation of Azzaro for the Paris Fashion Week, we discussed her art and stage style along with stylists Sandra Amador and Tom Eerebout (creative duo behind Lady Gaga) and artistic director Olivier Theyskens.

You are celebrated for your impressive live performances, earning raving reviews from Vogue US and many others. How did this Paris Fashion Week showcase come to light?

Sylvie Kreusch: This is not my first collaboration with Azzaro; during the first pandemic, we already worked together. Together with Alessandro Cangelli and Lukas Dhont, I created a video for my song Seedy Tricks to present the Fall 2020 collection. We only had a few days to come up with a concept, shoot, edit, and grade the video before the campaign premiered in the New York Times. We worked day and night, but I loved working with Olivier and the Azzaro team!

You are performing several tracks from your first album that will be released soon on Nov, 5. Most people are discovering your new songs; how do you feel about this process, excited? Nervous?

SK: I’m always very insecure about my work when it’s not out yet. But releasing music feels extremely liberating. Once my songs are out, I can listen to them almost as if I didn’t write them myself. It’s a strange feeling, but necessary to continue and create new work.

“Let It All Burn” is about a failed dalliance with a rock star, although the song is very energetic and spirited. How did you come up choosing this stunning silver maxi sequins suit mixing disco chic and drama style?

SK: The song has a strong message, but the composition and delivery are quite playful. When I saw Azzaro’s disco suits, I knew it was a perfect match!

Sandra Amador & Tom Eerebout: we wanted it to feel very clean and very much tell Sylvie’s story while making her look powerful as she is and to tell the story of the lyrics, which is the story of her retaking control and confronting her antagonist.

“Haunting Melody” has a hint of Gainsbourg vibe with percussions and chiseled lyrics; what influence Gainsbourg has on your art?

SK: My parents used to listen to classic French music a lot, so I guess that’s why you can hear some Gainsbourg influences in my music. I hear a similar kind of percussion, but I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m very much drawn to warm percussion, I guess it’s because it feels safe; it reminds me of home.

The images in B&W convey a 70’s retro touch with a modern twist, a mix between dramatic and timeless flow, a silver velvet suit, very Bowie. How does this relate to you?

SK: Together with Alessandro Cangelli, the video’s director, I wanted to create a live video in a white space. Our previous work has strong surrealist undertones, which is why, for this performance, we decided to keep it pure and focus on the musicians. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was one of my favorite music videos ever: Life On Mars! Because I’m such a Bowie fan, I’ll always try to honor him in my work.

SA & TE: Sylvie always had this glam rock vibe around her, also in her daily style and Bowie is a big influence for her and us. She has built a lot of relationships with designers over the years, one is Olivier Theyskens and Azzaro. When we saw the suits at the presentation, we just knew they were perfect for what she wanted the live video to feel like.

Tom Eerebout and Sandra Amador, you also work with Lady Gaga, whose flair for the dramatic is equally prominent. How do you achieve drama with such sleek looks? How do all these silhouettes come together?

SA & TE: The most important thing is to listen to your artist and the story they want to tell. It’s all about them and how they can wear the clothes, you don’t want the clothes to wear them and be the center of attention. They have to perform, tell the story, feel like who they want to be.

Olivier Theyskens, it’s not your first collaboration with Sylvie through Azzaro, what makes Sylvie so dear to you and how is she relating to your designs?

OT: I am in love with Sylvie, her voice and her stage presence. She’s fragile and fierce at the same time, a genuine source of inspiration. She conveys both sophistication and spontaneity, which embodies beautifully the spirit of the House of Azzaro.

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