Daringness or Freedom of Alled-Martinez

January 24, 2021
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How would you describe your Fall/Winter 2021 collection?

It’s an evolution of the brand as I explore my universe. It encapsulates the essence of the label and its universe but considering the current scenario. Always keeping the severe element within the design process and keeping the fabrics as the main character together with the cut. The cut of the tailoring is much shorter on the length. Very appealing and easy to wear. The reference to desire and this night life world is always present, but always making sure the comfort and wearability is ensured. For the first time, I explore who the Alled-Martinez woman is; an elegant, severe woman but with a sleazy side but always staying on a poised spectrum.

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What is the look or the piece that reflects the spirit of the season?
I think either the velour pieces, that come with a monochrome artwork as well as devoré/see-through effect or the illusion moiré pieces. The last ones are made by layering a striped base and a striped/see-through top layer that creates a moiré effect. However, I think the new fit of the tailoring really embodies what the new man really is; leaving behind the retro-fit to a fresher cut.

What is the message you wanted to share with this collection?

I think it’s really daringness or freedom. Not necessarily in an obvious way, but the idea to be able to dress comfortably yet still keeping the essence of the world we represent. A collection should be much more than just fabrics or cuts or silhouettes but the context and the world of a designer; a world that many people can fit in, regardless of preconceived ideas. This collection and the video that precedes it is just a reflection of who I am as a designer.

Alled-Martinez is available at Showroom BOON until January 29th 2021
9 Rue de Lesdiguières- 75004 Paris
By appointment only : Helena Perez – helena@boonparis.com  +33 (0) 967 49 87 80

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