October 5, 2020

In a former girls’ college in Istanbul, we made the fashion movie DICE KAYEK, for the presentation at the PFW in summer 21, under the direction of Ece Ege and Marie Schuller. The main idea reflects the pleasure of these young girls to get together again, to play together while keeping a certain distance. This applies very well to the game of “hide-and-seek” and to the Dice Kayek spirit “Dark side of the cute”. These images from Backstage show the inspiration and the fun that everyone had in participating in this project.

Backstage Edit: Sevgi Can
Fashion Film
Directed by: Marie Schuller
Director of Photography: Baris Ozbicer
DA: Ece Ege
Styling: Burak Sanuk
Hair & Make up : Onder Tiryaki
Produced By: Atlantik Film
Producer: Kaan Mestut
Executive Producer: Sinem Cansu
Casting Director: Rene de Bathory
Talents: Kira Sanaikina, Emma Frick, Lina Avilova
Special thanks: Dice Kayek Team

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