Dover Street Market Paris SS 2023

June 26, 2022


AIREI is a Los Angeles-based brand from Drew Curry.
Shortlisted for the 2022 LVMH Prize for Emerging Designers, worn by Kendrick Lamar, Billie Eilish, Bad Bunny, and other notables, while also gaining recognition from John Galliano, Suzy Menkes, and Julie Gilhart.
AIREI promotes humanity by elevating the perception of the outcasts, forgotten, and misunderstood.
Illustrating the human condition, Drew uses deconstruction and reconstruction techniques to call attention to fragility.
Single threads are a signature in his work representing mending and healing. Each hand-finished garment is signed and numbered by the artisan.
Drew highlights the human touch by allowing the uniqueness of the garments to become the focus.
For A/W ’22, AIREI will be stocked globally at all Dover Street Markets and other retail partners including SSENSE, HLorenzo, and IF Soho.


Liberal Youth Ministry (LYM) is a Guadalajara-based brand founded by Mexican designer Antonio Zaragoza in November 2016. Each collection approaches the universality of youth and is deeply influenced by subcultures, political and spiritual youth movements across the globe. Every collection shows a new approach in Mexican ancient/modern philosophy and clothes. Since FW20, LYM’s collections are presented as part of Dover Street Market Paris (DSMP) during Men’s Paris Fashion Week. For the FW21 collection, LYM introduced womenswear pieces designed in partnership with Antonio’s wife, Kenia Filippini creating a new Sub-Label called DREAM BABY ! Liberal Youth Ministry. The brand is sold at all Dover Street Markets, in addition to many international retailers. Since its inception, the collection has garnered a following that includes musicians Justin Bieber, Bad Bunny, and Kanye West among many others.  


Paris based shoe label PHILEO by 20-year-old Philéo Landowski proposes a new take on high-end footwear. 

Launched in 2019, the label strives to create retro-inflected collections with minimum ecological impact, improving each collection’s carbon footprint and using non-animal materials, like canvas or plant-based alternatives to leather.

From the ancient Greek meaning “I Love”, PHILEO brings the designer’s passions to the surface by transforming his emotions into a collection.  


Rassvetis an international skateboard company founded in 2016 by skateboarder Tolya Titaev. Growing up in a post-cold war capital, Tolya has always been surrounded by creative people be it from his local skateboarding scene, music and art worlds. Rassvet brings a fresh vision on fashion proposing a complete wardrobe inspired by skaters, designed for everyone.

The word Rassvet, meaning « sunrise », illustrates the brand’s community’s common desire to highlight a new dawn drawing its strength and uniqueness through artistic collaborations, open to the rest of the world.

International friendship has built the Rassvet skate team.


SHF Workwear, launched in February 2022 by artist Dan Colen and former Head of Communications of CDG and DSM USA Daphne Seybold, is a beneficent brand and a new model for regenerative, sly fundraising. It’s an accessible and unusual entry point to Sky High Farm, an independent nonprofit organization in the Hudson Valley that grows food exclusively for donation.

The creative collective that fuels the brand grows and shifts with each collection, but is consistently tied together by artist Dan Colen, the brand’s Chief Creative Officer and the founder of the 501(C)(3) Sky High Farm. Collaborators past and present have included visionary individuals and brands such as Dover Street Market, Comme Des Garçons SHIRT, Balenciaga, Supreme, Denim Tears, IRAK, The Gordon Parks Foundation, Jeff Koons, Jon Gray’s Gastronomical, Mel Ottenberg, Quil Lemons, and Will Sheldon.

The idea of communal contribution goes beyond our collaborators: to ensure the shared values of our retail partners, all stores invited to purchase the brand must commit to an up-front donation to the 501(C)(3) Sky High Farm. Each collection emphasizes products and fabrications that also improve on the status quo: from incorporating vintage, deadstock, and recycled materials, to prioritizing earth-friendly production methods and technologies.    

Established as a separate, for-profit entity, SHF Workwear is a surprising lever that creates a reciprocal relationship between the farm and the public: the customers help fund the farm, get clothing that is made to work and last, and become walking advocates for equity in our food system. 


Born and raised in Southern California, 
Brett Westfall is a multi-disciplinary artist working mediums that include painting, sculpture, assemblage, installation, fashion, video, film, music and photography. 
He started his brand WESTFALL with the idea of extending his ideas into clothing design that would read like poetry. Approaching as he would when creating a painting, sculpture, installation or music.
The colors in the garments he creates for his collections are hand dyed with his own color recipe, distressing garments and hand stitching as well as drawing the graphics/printing are some of the details done by his own hands for the WESTFALL brand.
Westfall utilizes his personal experiences as a human being, with nature, our environment, society as a whole and the growth that happens as a result of our relationships to all these elements for most of the inspiration for his work. Invoking thoughts and reflection of self and our time here on Earth. 


Youths In Balaclava, from Singapore striving to create a tribe bound by their collective power to influence culture, not only by thinking – but also doing. They unite to celebrate expression in any way, shape or form. This vision gave birth to a new modern platform and cultural expression for the brand. Youths In Balaclava strive to combine traditional craftsmanship and innovations that will be useful to their work, learning from artists/craftsmen and mother nature herself. The infrastructure of the brand is supported by pillars that are represented by the four-card suit.

Spades: is the mainline, providing thematic and narrative seasonal collections.

Hearts: focuses on the brand’s very own atelier crafting products that vary from accessories to furniture.

Diamonds: YIBBandits is a secondary line that is formed to create new channels for the brand to connect with the community that was once a haven for its members.

Clover: all works and miscellaneous projects that express themselves in an independent manner like zines and music.

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