EGONlab. Spring/Summer 2021, RENEWAL – REVIEW

July 9, 2020

In a world where darkness and individuality are the centerpieces, EGONlab traces a path to renewal.  A fascinating quest for humanism; like a painting that takes shape in three acts.  The opening opposes two universes between a planet gangrened by the hand of Man and a budding group of thinkers in love with freedom.  The center sees the roads intermingle by questioning notions of renunciation, acceptance and healing.  As for the end, it provides a glimpse of a solution: the division is no more and the light is once again taking hold of what the darkness had stolen from it so long ago.  A line in three stops.  A journey in three stages.  A fable in three stages such as a renaissance designed by EGONlab through the RENEWAL collection. 

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