EGONlab. Spring/Summer 2021, RENEWAL – SERGIO TACCHINI x EGONlab collaboration

July 8, 2020

The work between Egonlab and Sergio Tacchini is based on the meeting of a young emerging French brand and a symbol of Italian sportswear.  Egonlab has appropriated the emblems of the label’s wardrobe by giving them a neo-futuristic twist.  Tailoring adjusts the jogging suits, details multiply on the jackets, and animated characters take place on the tops of this capsule where the logos of Egonlab and Sergio Tacchini share the top of the poster.  Everywhere the DNA of the young label transpires on the heritage of the Italian label through this unique partnership – an integral part of the collection presented during Paris Fashion Week.  Egonlab signs its very first collaborative adventure here and, thanks to it, enters the historical heritage of Sergio Tacchini. 

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