Egonlab’s Forever Love

June 23, 2021

The aesthetics of EGONlab is deeply inspired by artistic movements having greatly influenced our contemporary society. Each collection will showcase a reinterpretation of these revolutions and the ripple effects following their fruition. Merging fashion, music, motion design, and art, EGONlab wants to be a unique brand but also a movement.

How would you describe your Spring-Summer 2022 collection?

This new collection, inspired by an early activist, Lady Godiva, carries a true message of love and hope. EGONLAB DYNASTY is a response to our previous collection “LOVE AFTER CHAOS”. We remain faithful to our iconoclastic DNA with the affirmation of our punk-urban wardrobe, diverting pieces that are meant to be timeless; adapting them to all genders, all ages and all morphologies without ever distorting them.

What is the look or the piece that best reflects the spirit of the season?

Each piece in the collection reflects its ideology. However, the quilted shirt which is now an “EGONIC” piece, is this season adorned with our slogan “LOVE FOREVER” as well as many symbols such as the ouroboros and phoenix dragons which echo the eternal beginning; evoking the idea that even after chaos, love remains.

Did you want to convey a message with this collection?

It is a true declaration of love and hope. We wanted to celebrate a newfound freedom after the dark times the world has gone through. A celebration to freedom, both physical and psychological. True to our discourse, we are totally inclusive, advocating equality for all. You know, our society has been built around an ancient myth that some people are superior to others. That same myth, we are not just going to challenge it – but together we are going to destroy it.

What word defines the future of fashion for you?

Resilience! The ability to successfully cope with a situation that is highly stressful because of its harmfulness or risk, and to recover, adapt and succeed in living and developing positively despite these adverse circumstances.

Through this word, we think of our industry and the world. We are very optimistic and it is in unity that we will build the future.

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