Portrait en pied, A Performance-exhibition imagined by Olivier Saillard for J.M. Weston

February 28, 2022

A performance-exhibition conceived of by Olivier Saillard for J.M. Weston

With the collaboration of Sonia Ichti

Of our eleven iconic styles of footwear with an enduring design, the Cambre ankle boot is one that inspires a great sense of pride at J.M. Weston.

True connoisseurs know that the Cambre ankle boot is a cut above other boots that have tried to imitate it. The apparent simplicity of the boot’s curves belie the incredible, unique savoir-faire required for shaping it on a special form called a last. The upper is cut from a single piece of leather and then shaped on the last and assembled using unchanged proportions.

The Cambre ankle boot draws directly on the world of equestrianism, and nothing aside from some elastic has changed this comfortable, resolute design. Its tried-and-true stylistic simplicity combined with the unique expertise still used in the Limoges workshops explains the success this style has enjoyed since its creation in 1969.

In recognition of the unique appeal of this signature style, we have designed a women’s version with a high heel. While the flat version is remaining the same, this design variation brings a lofty city look with a bold dash of femininity to this famous ankle boot.

Beyond the timeless style of its creations, J.M. Weston always strives to remain faithful to what could be termed l’art de la marche, or the art of walking. Now, the practical Cambre ankle boot is being elevated to be the subject of a performance and exhibition.

Alongside the various creations on display, visitors and spectators can admire Sonia Ichti.

A model and self-described professional gypsy, Sonia Ichti appears within a display case cage with no glass. As she tells her story without artifice or embellishment, she puts on and takes off the flat and heeled boots, just so many pieces of carbon paper capturing moments of our lives.

In showcasing Sonia from head to toe with all the ups and downs of her story, J.M. Weston seeks to shine a light on her journey. Sonia’s nomadic wanderings are like everyday poems that you can noiselessly explore. Her words, like wisps of memories bashfully shared, are the bootlaces tying together itinerant ideas… We only hope the J.M. Weston Boutique and Gallery is a worthy stage for this unique performance.



Thursday 3 March (5PM – 8PM)

Friday 4 March (5PM – 8PM)

Monday 7 March (4PM – 7PM)

By invitation only 

Contact : Cindy Pastresse, c.pastresse@jmweston.fr

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