Argentina Fashion Week

February 28, 2021


Is a 22-year-old high fashion designer born in Rufino, a small town in the province of Santa Fe in Argentina. Entrepreneurial and creative, he gets his inspiration from little episodes of his daily life. Each creation is inspired by the woman who will wear it. For this purpose, he surrounds himself with music, photos and videos, to better connect with his feelings. He can also make sketches in a cab, a bus, a plane, a bar, and even on vacation, in particular in unconventional places.
He meticulously chooses his fabrics and customizes them. The profile of the woman he targets is very precise. Women with attitude, personality, daring, who love to be seen. Especially women who will fully trust him in his recommendations.
His latest collection, “Obsessionality”, represents his obsession for volumes and the search for perfection. Rich, exuberant, sensual, each piece has been carefully designed to honor the vision of glamour and luxury in the Argentinean style. His 100% handmade creations highlight the handmade embroideries, some of which required more than 450 hours of workshop time.
A collection that will help discover a new facet of this young talent.



Is an Argentine designer whose fashion house was created in 2017 in the province of Chaco, Argentina. His education as an architect and his experience as a model, together with new trends and technologies, give his creations a unique, particular, dramatic representation. He likes to use other art forms in each collection, always with the intention of conveying a specific message.
His young label is now considered one of the most developed in Argentina, with international reach.
His last collection, “Oro Blanco” is inspired by the vast agricultural fields and plains of typical Argentinean ploughed lands. Starting from this idea, each piece follows a long creative process. As much for the frayed threads revealing the texture of the fabric weave, as for the extreme nobility of the materials he uses, he emphasizes the purity and richness of his country of origin and the work of so many hard-working hands.


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