From Shiatzy Chen Atelier to Runway

October 4, 2021

What would you say is the biggest challenge in this season?
People have a very lively and western impression of the circus, how to combine it with clothing that is largely oriental in elements proved to be the main challenge. Therefore we used a lot of detachable accessories, cleverly blending the western and oriental cultures with innovative transformations. The creative conversion takes history and culture, and merge with contemporary styles to produce a harmonized modern look.

How to combine the western style circus with such an oriental brand?
We use “tiger”, which is the soul of the circus, in our original pattern, incorporating its symbol of beauty, courage and not fearing challenge in the oriental culture. With exquisite embroidery and drawing, and jacquard with intertwining yarn, the western presentation is deeply infused with oriental culture.

Which pattern or item in this collection would you say is the embodiment of this season’s spirit?
In my imagination, the circus is glamorous, abundant, and festive without boundaries, therefore we apply more vibrant and dramatic contours to portray the image of circus as seen by SHIATZY CHEN. In terms of the cutting, we focused on the three- dimensional sleeve shape, the layered and fluffy dress, and pleated lace collar, using lively lines to create the magical and festive atmosphere of the circus.

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