Influencers: The Keystone of Marketing in the Fashion, Luxury and Beauty Sectors

January 19, 2022
Credit: Launchmetrics

In recent years, the figure of the Influencer has become a powerful marketing tool within the fashion, luxury and beauty space.

Brands have become accustomed to collaborating with influencers to generate visibility toward their products and services, tapping into different target markets to ultimately increase the desirability of products in various ways.
As a result, being an Influencer has become a full-fledged occupation. Thanks to their carefully crafted content, Influencers cultivate and nurture their communities to establish authenticity, which acts as a powerful drive to purchase for collaborating brands. 

The Most Successful Influencers in the Fashion, Luxury and Beauty Industry
Léna Mahfouf (aka “Léna Situations”) has emerged as an established face of the Paris Fashion Week front row. The French Youtuber and blogger is a crucial Voice for luxury brands, her collaboration with French fashion house Dior in 2021 generating an astonishing $4.72M MIV®.
Xenia Adonts also marked her significance in 2021, generating $2.13M in Media Impact Value™ for Gucci throughout the year. Both worked together to develop their own mini-series, “Gucci Days”, driving value through successfully hallmarking a social-media trend. 
To find out what other Influencers made their mark in 2021, check out our latest data on the topic. 

How to Maximize your Collaborations with Influencers or KOLs
As a powerful marketing tool, understanding Influencers is vital to unlocking marketing potential and ensuring a successful collaboration. To learn more about successful influencer marketing, we invite you to participate in Performance by Launchmetrics, a virtual event featuring industry experts in the fashion, luxury and beauty space taking place on the 18th, 19th and 20th of January. Join Lisa S. Yu, founder and CEO of Genuine German and Kim Leitzes, Managing Director of APAC at Launchmetrics, to learn all things influencer in their workshop “Winning China: how to leverage KOLs and value-based marketing the right way”. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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