Marine Serre – Interview

September 29, 2020
Marine Serre © Chris Colls

Marine Serre, creative label based in Paris, talks about the collection’s inspirations.

You have chosen to make a film this season. What are the main differences and similarities compared to organising a fashion show?
Definitely, time. During a show you have to process preparation, emotions, and actions, all in a limited amount of time. Working on AMOR FATI Film gave us the opportunity to go deeper into the characters, narrative and to associate garments to actions, feelings and not only to a body.

Each of your collections expresses a strong message. What is the message of Amor Fati?
It reflects what we are going through and the existentialism in how we manage feelings in our daily life. Often these emotions and sensation get oppressed and denied. Amor Fati is an invitation to embrace all the outcome with no judgments. I feel like the approach that I have working for my brand is very similar to this idea. It requires a lot of strength and acceptance of events so to be able to overcome our present in a productive and positive way.

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