Poetic emotions of LGN

January 22, 2021

How would you describe your new Fall-Winter 2021 collection?
It is based on Kafka’s novel “The Trial”. It was my way to react to the great trials we have had in France in recent months (Charlie Hebdo attacks, police violence…), the story of Joseph K, unaware of what he has accused of. It finds an echo in our realities and our sometimes powerless relationship with the administration. We wanted to transcribe this atmosphere in a very neutral or cold color range. The light green reminds the atmosphere of neon lighting. Mesh felting occupies a central place as a reference to carpets, metal paper clips become jewelry. There is a concept of an outdoor interior that also reflects our daily life and the significant elements of the brand: the inherent comfort of each piece makes it oscillate between homewear and outerwear. This questions how we dress for remote work or for work in an office. The violence of this book is transcribed into pieces with torn edges, cut pieces that become crops, and asymmetrical cut at the necklines – whether in coats, jackets, shirts or pants. The “blind stripes” prints evoke a classic perspective stripe with a ‘sun-fading effect’ as if one had waited so long in a queue that the clothes colours had begun to fade out.

Which look or piece best reflects the spirit of the season?

I really like the coats in the collection. The coat of the first look is very elegant and at the same time very functional: there are large slits on the sides, closed by snap buttons which allow access easily to the pockets of the pants, the collar is removable, the half raglan sleeves allow greater ease of movement. The camel coat has an opening below the collar that allows you to pass through your headphones or to have access to your shirt chest pocket. The felted knit suits also illustrate our purpose that lies between comfort, elegance, and functionality. The pieces are entirely made in France, they are suitable for machine wash, and assembled with sports seams for a ‘second skin’ feeling. We create hybrid, unisex pieces, perfect for indoor or outdoor.

What kind of message did you want to convey with this collection?

Through our live presentation at the Palais de Tokyo with the dancers led by choreographer Sorab Chitan, we wanted to send a message of support and show the relevance of the artists whose work marked today as “nonessential”. Dancers still cannot work and museums are closed. In these uncertain and agonizing times, it’s our duty to provoke an emotion, to touch, to overcome these necessary distances. We reflect on the events taking place in the world but in a very subtle manner. Literature is the core of the brand because it brings people together and opens the dialogue. It is a story of the brand: we dress men, women, young, old, … the intersection of all these energies allows us to send a message of hope and to create a ‘poetic bubble’ in our daily life.

LGN is part of SPHERE Paris Fashion Week Showroom

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