Portraits of a Generation by Benoit Bethume for Mansour Martin

July 12, 2020

A series of portraits, photographed in black and white, whose male cast consists of models from the Spring/Summer 2021 lookbook, joined by young women to illustrate Mansour Martin’s approach and desire for a “genderless” fashion. They are all faces of Brussels, of a generation. Creative or academical faces including a young actor, stylists, a student of economics, a dancer … who all carry in their looks a sweet and poetic spontaneity as well as the ambition to go towards the life of which they dream, freely.

These photos are the beginning of a series that Benoit Bethume and the designers of Mansour Martin wish to continue in the future. A photographic project which conveys the values ​​shared by the three creatives: diversity, human being at the heart of creation and natural beauty. But it is also a true Belgian history, since the three creatives, Mansour, Martin, Benoit, are all from the country.

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