Remembering the Moments

June 25, 2021

How would you describe your Spring-Summer 2022 collection?
My Spring/Summer 2022 collection is about “EPHEMERAL” moments. Because of the pandemic it feels like for the last year and a half we have been living on an island. We don’t have these kinds of “moments” anymore. So I made a collection to keep and remember that.

Which look or piece reflects the spirit of the season?
Look 3, this look is made up of two shirts which try to integrate with ones clothes. The state of bursting love when lovers hug, emphasizing the comfort of fabrics for the wearing experience.

What is the message you wanted to share with this collection?
There is no future living without these moments, so focus on the present.

Do you believe the outlook on masculinity is changing?
Yes, it is changing, and it continues to evolve. Now, the different meanings of masculinity are changing and diversifying. I can’t judge whether this is good or bad.

What word defines for you the future of fashion?
I only think in the present. I can’t imagine the future.

You are part of a new generation. How did 2020 change your outlook for the future?

For me, the change is I’m not look forward anymore.  

Your wish for the future?

My wish is that humans have more empathy for one another.

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