Rier’s Timeless Perfection

December 22, 2020

Rier was established in 2018, by Parisian-based Tyrolean designer Andreas Steiner. He studied in Milan, London and worked at Prada, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton. Rier represents the understated elegance with an essential and pure style. The completely unisex wardrobe is manufactured by an equitable supply-chain that also respects the highest standards of products made in Austria, Italy, France and Germany.

How would you describe your Fall/Winter 2021 collection?

More than ever, the Rier 2021 collection is an ode to the hypothetical perfection of heritage pieces from the essentialist wardrobes of the Italian Alpine region of South Tyrol. The 2021 collection goes one step further in solidifying the brand’s vocabulary, upholding Rier’s signature refinement paired knowingly with inherent practicality: Rier balances the love for outdoor activities, nature, crafts, and healthy lifestyle with refinement, sophistication and humble luxury, to soften the demanding, fast paced reality of city life.

What is the look or the piece that reflects the spirit of the season?

The mix of all very specific items and materials bring the Rier attitude alive, the 2021 collection reads as three interwoven narratives: wool classics, sport fleeces and athletic evening. With wool classics, the brand re-edits its Austrian manufactured icons: the Loden coat, the felted Walker coat, jacket and vest. The sport fleeces are this year’s highlight development, offering an understated luxury borrowed from the realm of athletics, this functional zip-up is made of natural and sustainable wool, as well made in Austria. The third chapter mentioned as athletic evening, brings both of the aforementioned together, allowing a black moiré silk waterproof tracksuit to be worn with a fine wool raglan twin-set, topped with an oversize embroidered Walker coat.

What is the message you wanted to share with this collection?

I strive to reach timeless, understated perfection. More than ever today we think about our decisions, the meaning of our actions and their impact.

Rier is part of SPHERE Paris Fashion Week Showroom

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