The EGONlab. Search for the True Identity

January 24, 2021

The aesthetics of EGONlab is deeply inspired by artistic movements having greatly influenced our contemporary society. Each collection will showcase a reinterpretation of these revolutions and the ripple effects following their fruition. Merging fashion, music, motion design, and art, EGONlab wants to be a unique brand but also a movement.

How would you describe your new Fall-Winter 2021 collection?
We are convinced that fashion is an extraordinary tool of empowerment. We want to explore this idea of self-affirmation in 30 silhouettes. In this quest for truth, everyone is free to accept their orientation and appearance, which translates into a play of ‘layers’, where every layer represents another combination: pleated skirts on elephant legs pants, large unisex wrap coats, quilted shirts like protective armor, studded denim jackets, tailored jackets stretched in an overcoat. Claw-shaped rings encrusted with precious stones and Swarovski crystals enhance the radiance of silhouettes. The “sharp” and powerful lines are softened by ecstatic cat figurines, workwear shirts with floating sleeves and wide trousers with clamps. This multiplicity of forms and allures signals a desire to include all morphologies. This is how we develop the idea of a democratic fashion, open to all.

Sportswear may be regarded as another inspiration for this collection. For the second consecutive season, we collaborated with Sergio Tacchini. Belted parkas intersect with bomber jackets with rounded sleeves and “fitted” suits composed of a tracksuit top and jogging pants, in a revisited 80s/90s inspiration. To this is added a collaborative project with Asics around the exclusive model, the Gel-Preleus and designer Michelle Coppola, a newcomer to the “EGONlab Family”. As usual, an important place is given to prints: reinterpretations of posters of cult horror films such as Mars Attacks! or Dracula succeeds a nod to the bewitching landscapes of Twin Peaks. The intense red hues blend with shades of camel, pixelated gray and hypnotic green, all sprinkled with yellow and black plaid and peony pink flashes.

Which look or piece best reflects the spirit of the season?
It’s complicated because every look and piece in the collection tells a story. Why not let the readers of this article find answers by themselves? We want our customers to be able to write their own stories with infinite freedom. To give no direction is to give free rein to one’s imagination. If we could get a message out: don’t be afraid to be who you really are and never let someone dictate who you are.

What kind of message did you want to convey with this collection?

EGONLab. Horror Story questions the notions of alter ego, social masks and dissociation from identity. This collection plunges you into the meanders of our inner self, split, ghostly but destructive. In a pragmatic society where everything is quantified, analyzed, noted, where every piece of our existence is subject to the transparency of social networks, we sometimes feel that we are not who we are, to play a role in matching the expectation of the other. At a time when recognition expressed in likes, when appearance is changed with filters and our life is marketed with hashtags, the illusion is Queen. While our lives have never been so digitized, the temptation to respond to these deceptive appearances is great. More and more people, especially young, are suffering from identity disorders, as the quest for the normalized self turns them into their own enemies. In this “horror story”, named after the collection, the wanted hitman is none other than himself. Once the script is accepted, then begins a long work of depression, emotional appeasement and acceptance of one’s true self. With this collection, we invite you to break up a feeling of imposture that pushes us to become other. Free from all judgment, employed by tolerance, this genderless collection carries a message of reconciliation: self-acceptance is, first of all, to recognize that one is unique, without obeying the desires of others, with love and benevolence. 

Another strong message emerges, that of the collective, Florentin and I [Kévin] would like to thank Remember You Were Made To Be Used Showstudio, Asics, Sergio Tacchini, DS Automobiles, Kisol, Michelle Coppola, Marie-Emmanuelle Arouet, the team of the Federation of Haute Couture and fashion, the challenge and all the people who have contributed to making all this possible today. Finally, we are pleased to announce that the Egonlab Horror Story project has some surprises in store for you, especially with the release of an album bringing together artists: Pablo Bozzi, Mind | Matter, The Undertaker’s Tapes, Gewalt, Fx093, Moral Animal and Kirsten in February 2021.

And remember: “The next cry you will hear may be yours”.

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