Smalto or the quest for the perfect gesture

July 11, 2020

Smalto is the living story of a man who wanted to become the best bespoke tailor in the world. Elected “Living Heritage Company” in 2012, the company founded by Francesco Smalto has been perpetuating since its creation an ancestral know-how, developed by generations of tailors. Around the cutting tables, they continuously perfect their technique and their art, repeating the same steps, again and again, to achieve an excellence often assimilated to its feminine counterpart, haute couture. For SS21 Menswear Paris Fashion Week® Online, Smalto Paris is exceptionally revealing the backstage of its atelier and its unique “savoir-faire” 

The art of tailoring is a set of unique techniques, anchored in an oral tradition and improved day by day to mee expectations of the present. Like haute couture, the bespoke imposed by Smalto Paris conveys the idea of responsible fashion, of a wardrobe made especially for one person, a complete wardrobe that is adapted to the evolution of his morphology, that is repaired and made to last and accompany him. Each step in the making of the garment – from the measurements taking until the final alterations, including the choice of fabrics and interior lining – aims to shape a deliberate architecture of the body, to define a timeless silhouette, specific to each client. 

What distinguishes Smalto Paris is the symbiosis between creation and tradition that takes place in his atelier. The expertise is part of an innovative approach, which gives the freedom to liberate himself from the classic tailor’s restraints, and to forge his proper style. Today, there is no longer any need to oppose casual wear to a formal wardrobe, as each Smalto garment is designed in collaboration with the final customer to combine elegance and comfort. This is perhaps the bespoke: the fashion of the future, imagined on the basis of an exceptional technical and cultural heritage. 

Since its creation, Smalto Paris has been dressing its contemporaries. The present time, the Parisian house defends a resolute modern perspective, proud of its know-how, concerned about bringing to life its own signature elements: the tennis stripe is a declined graphic motif of the brand logo, the hand-made topstitching are left visible to show the craftsman’s gesture…  

Realisateur Jason Last
Photographe Gregoire Avenel
Producteur Fabrice Davillé
Cameraman Sebastien Tran 
Production Nalini Cazaux
Maison Smalto et L’Atelier de Couture Smalto

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