Smart Keys: A Look Inside the Hidden Face of Cotton

June 24, 2021

Unlock the secrets of eco-friendly materials with our Smart Keys, a series developed to take you inside the issues and challenges of  eco-design. 

Our goal is to explore together the features and properties of the available solutions, to help you source your materials in a more enlightened way. Let’s start today with our first exploration – a look inside the hidden face of cotton. 

From denims to poplins, voiles, jerseys and velvets, cotton lends itself to multiple constructions and is an integral part of our wardrobes. The world’s leading natural fiber, accounting for 23% of production, cotton has been used throughout the ages and consistently keeps pace with fashion trends.

Cotton’s been in the spotlight ever since the dawning of social and environmental concerns, so what’s its actual impact ? And what opportunities are now available with the development of eco-friendly and socially-responsible cotton products?

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