Spirit of Freedom – Behind the Scenes

July 13, 2020

For the Spring Summer 2021 season, PHIPPS takes a cold, hard look at American history. On the backs of a misfit cast of PHIPPS favorites, the collection charts a rocky charts a rocky path through the desert landscapes of the United States, repurposing roadside iconography to reflect the good, the bad, and the ugly of the American dream. 

Spirit of Freedom, a coming-of-age Spaghetti Western film set for a cinematic release in Spring 2021, the PHIPPS collection retains its place as a pro-active protagonist in contemporary menswear.  Millenial neo-cowboy astehtics amplify the PHIPPS view on masculinity – a fluid, performativetake on male archetypes that rejects uniformity and embraces a playful butch attitude. 

Credits :
Directed by Molly Ledoux
Director Of Photography: Laurence Heintz
Written and Created By Spencer Phipps
Production: Cristina Serena At Malcaminos
Styling: Ellie Grace Cumming At Streeters
Stylist Assistants: Isabella Kavanagh and Jordan Duddy
Poster Art: Pol Anglada
Set Design: Claire Catelas
Hair: Yolette Boucher
Gaffer: Clemence Warnier
Editing: Leo Mauran
Sound Editing: Lucas Bijaoui
Script Dialogue: Dan Thawley
Music Supervision: Michel Gaubert
In Alliance With L.I.E.S Records And Dark Entries
Featuring music by Les Deux and Torn Hawk

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