“The health crisis reinforced our choices.” Thomas Monet

July 10, 2020

Thomas Monet, COOL TM designer and newcomer to the official calendar, talks about the brand’s inspirations and his vision of the crisis.

What are COOL TM inspirations ? 

Freedom, diversity, differences, youth, subcultures, humor, lightness, not taking yourself seriously, irreverence and I’d say a little bit of romanticism …. 

Did the COVID 19 change your strategy ? 
Covid or not, it doesn’t change that much. We didn’t know it was going to happen but we had already asked ourselves all these questions before. On all these values that we wrote down in post-brand launch, we said to ourselves : « this pace is impossible ». Human beings must be taken into consideration. 

The  pace is unbearable. Creation needs time, creation needs space but it is something that has disappeared : more collections every year, fast fashion…they need more and more but after a while we run out of gas … Today Fashion is exhausted and people working in fashion are too. Planet earth is exhausted and we keep exhausting it. From the start of our fundamentals we asked to ourselves : « How could we be better as human beings, so that people who work with us go well ?  How could we take in consideration this whole value chain ? How could we be less impacting on the environment. It’s a really important thing.

So, the question on multiple collections per year arose very quickly. We need to stop with genders, to blur gender lines : a woman or a man, who cares ? Today, a man can wear a lavaliere or a skirt. It doesn’t matter. There is no limit, no boundaries. So why are we still separating men from women during shows. We must stop labeling about genders, about skin colors, about anything and everything. We are all equal, we are all human beings, we got two arms, two legs and one head. Coronavirus simply accelerated the process. We planned to release our e-shop within the next two years instead, we will launch it at the end of the year. 

Why did you choose a VR film to present your collection ? 
We were talking about going beyond limits. VR is the way to do so. There are no boundaries. Virtual reality breaks the limits. We can change points of view, scales, sizes or perspectives. It can be crazy and at COOL TM we love craziness. 

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