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October 7, 2020

As senior vice president of the fashion office and the director of women’s fashion and store presentation for the New York department store Bergdorf Goodman, Linda Fargo is a leading figure of the industry. After her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Fargo moved to New York and started as a window dresser at Macy’s, eventually rising to become the visual director. She has been with Bergdorf since 1996, when she was hired as the visual director of the women’s store before being promoted to vice president of visual merchandising just a year later. Linda Fargo is responsible for shaping the visual identity of the iconic New York department store.

Which is the main trend you forecast for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2021 season?
One of the most powerful and uplifting observations of the season in Paris, created under world stress and uncertainty, is the ultimate resonance and resilience of Individuality! Paris has never been a city of same-same and homogeny, but this season more than ever, we saw extreme creativity and brand expressions. Boundary pushing. Deconstruction and reinvention. Designers seemed to dig deep to express their uniqueness and find a type of salvation from these limiting times achieved through pure creation. While it’s not a “ trend “ per se, like Relaxed Tailoring, it’s a zeitgeist and a trend in thinking.  

Are you changing the way to select brands and to edit the collections?
In lockstep with consumers, we are harnessing and maximizing the tools of technology like never before. The future is here, and it came sooner than we expected it! 
We are being more thoughtful and editing more intently than in the past , as every purchase needs to count. I’m afraid one of the casualties of this global lockdown is the process by which we sign on Discovery brands. It’s virtually impossible to buy into a physically unseen, untouched new brand, unless we’ve been tracking it already for a few seasons. That’s a genuine loss…

Are you changing the way to select brands and to edit the collections?
We all know there’s less traffic and in-store shopping, but people are craving the personal nonetheless. She’s more tuned in to Backstories from us and from the designers themselves. They want to get inside their lives more urgently than before. She wants to form a connection. Our sales force has been incredibly agile and has quickly adapted new ways to connect with their clients. More than ever we’re seeing that our clients want things that are either lasting, emotional or just extraordinary! “ Special” has always been on the Bergdorf calling card, and it still is. 

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