The Knight of Boramy Viguier 

December 23, 2020

Boramy Viguier is one of the most promising emerging brands of Paris Fashion Week® Menswear. He was invited to present a film he made in collaboration with director Samuel Rixon as part of the GucciFest. Conversation that articulated his vision and the mystical dimension of his work. 

As part of the GucciFest, you presented the film “Lord Sky Dungeon.” What was the theme of your collection?

I never really think about the particular issue, because there are many topics I like to approach. I have the same clothes as I made for the movie. I can say I’m more into the clothing typology: clerical, workwear, tailor-made, velvet, moleskin, feminine fabrics, faille, taffeta, and many other things.

For this video, you collaborated with director Samuel Rixon. How was the conversation between the two of you established for the writing of this visual narrative?

I interpret each film from my own perspective from the very beginning. And Samuel came in [[arrived?]] to tell me how we’re going to do this, so we started going back and forth, trying to find out problems and solutions. It was pretty fluid because we’re on the same page.

Spirituality occupies an important place in your universe. How do you translate it into your collections?

That is an aesthetic that is born out of spirituality, which interests me. For example, I love church clothes, no matter which churches. The look is more imposing than the person who wears it. Clothes take over the person being dressed. It’s when you don’t have too many choices, you take out the best. I try to do this humbly. I like to think that my collections evoke this lack of freedom.

Credit: Samuel Rixon for Boramy Viguier

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