Through the Eyes of Drew Curry (Airei)

January 19, 2023


“I grew up in the suburbs of Seattle and there were neither artists nor museums. My father was very poor growing up and he made it through. He loved to dress up, to make a good impression. He would say, ‘See this tie?’ He taught me to pay attention to every detail. For him, wearing a suit was a statement about himself that involved honour, a form of dignity,” Drew Curry explains. Behind the Airei brand lies a vision: “To promote humanity, to express fragility between construction and deconstruction”. With him, Japanese jeans and Italian cashmere celebrate the inspiring imperfection of the world. Most broadly, Drew Curry sees his style as “a clash between all his experiences and beliefs”

At 30, he was a semi-finalist for the 2022 LVMH Prize. He dressed Kendrick Lamar in white for concerts at Coachella and Las Vegas, in addition to outfitting Bad Bunny and Billie Eilish. “The pandemic was a reset for the world and a new beginning for me,” says Curry, who directed a collection video and titled it, “The Case for a tragic optimism”. His vision for Winter 2023-24 is intrinsically linked to everyday heroes: farmers, manual workers, humanitarians. Under the title “Refuge Deluge Transfuge”, he opens a new chapter, probably his most optimistic yet. “The most important thing is to share strength as well as fragility. I don’t focus so much on the tragedy as on how it transforms us. I always believe that the future will be brighter than the present.” 

Curry brings a smooth energy to his city, and to everything it makes visible. “I love the light in Los Angeles, to look at it is to experience beauty. It’s still a city where dreams may come true. Behind the bar, the person who is making you a coffee might become an actor.” In other words, keeping your eyes open, and knowing when to close them? “I meditate in the morning, that’s when I close my eyes to better feel the air, the wind. It’s a way of looking deep inside myself, to understand what I can do to improve each day, to listen to that voice…”

Paris is the perfect destination for this feeling observer who has been championed by Dover Street Market: “I love the architecture and I feel a special soul here, which I try to convey through my clothes. I would like them to give the feeling of having lived before living on the person who spotted and chose them.”

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