Tranoï Close Up

January 19, 2023


This collection sees us exploring the power of matriarchy through generations of classic codes of London dressing.

Estelita Mendonça

Our work is always evolving from previous collections. The brand’s concept, Nomadism and its cultural, social, political and visual ramifications, is the starting point for different perspectives. This one begins with the idea of measured movement approaching the sportswear universe using its characteristics and details in more sartorial and classic pieces. We worked with earthy colours enhanced with pops of colour. The idea of kitesurfing is present in the graphical construction of the majority of the pieces, along with an idea of freedom, borrowed from kites, which translates visually as a contemporary genderless collection.


Our AW23 collection builds upon the success of the previous season. We have increased our biodegradable designs from 4 to 14 looks, while also incorporating regenerated fibers from Italy. In short, this season is more sustainable and luxurious than any collection we have done so far.

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ITOH LOT 13 is a narrative of both old and new. Never seeing a marked departure from our vision of supporting and encouraging our artisans to challenge the limits of their craft and creating textiles with complex textures and blends exclusively for ITOH. Bringing newness to Fall Winter 23 means being more aligned and mindful. This capsule includes textiles such as 100% handwoven silk and handwoven silk cotton blends, along with 100% fine merino wool and poplin jacquard – all in ITOH’s classic silhouettes. LOT 13 is marked by the use of both heavy and light padding in different fabrics to achieve an optimum structure and weight for seasonal transition, subtle hand embroideries lend exclusivity.

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Patchouli by Andrea Zanola

This upcoming collection marks the introduction of the first Patchouli Studio Woman, which is strong, sexy and playful. Patchouli Studio Man has evolved to a more sophisticated and sexy silhouette through elaborated and textural materials such as fine mohair, baby alpaca and metallic yarns. Both collections are embellished with Swarovski crystals, representing as a new code for the brand.

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These texts, provided by the designers and brands, have been slightly edited for length and clarity. 

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