UNDERCOVER Goes Digital with The Mens 21SS Collection: 2020

July 13, 2020

Known for pushing boundaries with his runway shows, designer Jun Takahashi has always had an inclination for the unconventional. Unable to present a traditional runway for Paris Fashion Week due to the limiting effects of COVID-19, for the UNDERCOVER Mens 21SS collection Takahashi needed to find a way to convey this unconventional aesthetic through a new medium.

This led Takahashi to consider various alternatives and to ultimately land on a 3D lookbook. Audiences will be able to view each look in its entirety from the comfort of their home or office. Users will have the ability to rotate and flip the models to view the details of each look; getting a closer look into the world of UNDERCOVER and the mind of Jun Takahashi.

COVID-19 not only had an effect on the presentation of the collection, but also on the designer himself. With Tokyo under lockdown, Takahashi began designing from home with some unexpected benefits. The below statement from the designer provides a closer look into the background of the collection, aptly titled “2020”.

In March, as COVID-19 first began to unleash its fury, I began to develop my ideas and theme, with all of the designs being completed in April during a nationwide lockdown. During this time, I really began to get a sense that my views towards work, doubts about the structure of daily life, and society as a whole, were experiencing major changes. The situation still has not resolved itself and many challenging days lie ahead, but these shifts are undoubtedly something that everyone is experiencing. Despite this collection being the first that I have designed from home and despite the difficult times, with a slight uncertainty I continued to work in my usual style and was able to create something completely separate from all of the changes occurring within myself. Even with the transformations taking place, is that not good? This is the result of continuing to design in my own unique way. I feel that these changes taking place within myself and society should be accepted and viewed as a positive outcome. I cannot return to the life I had before. I must continue to push forward down the path that is unique for UNDERCOVER. Make a new life. Make new noise.

Jun Takahashi

View the full UNDERCOVER Mens 21SS Collection “2020” on undercoverism.com

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