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October 1, 2022

MMAM – Maison Modern Art Museum

The home is a modern art museum. MMAM suggests wearable artwear inspired by everything people express subconsciously. For the SS23 season, the label seeks to achieve harmony as an interrelationship between factors that are expressed through natural dislocation and change based on symmetrical structures. MMAM’s Symmetry in Asymmetry” achieves harmony by recognizing differences. This season expresses the natural change that comes from the switch of symmetry between the left and right – a unique asymmetrical but natural symmetry. Beyond the balance of our lives, the goal is to understand balance in the world through peace.  


Kilometre applies embroidery to travel inspirations. Like a chameleon, the brand helps clients invent their intimate destinations. The approach is local – in some ways, glocal. True to Kilometre’s aesthetic, embroidery appears on 19th century shirts, bleu de travail, uniforms in multi-forms and more. Kilometre works sustainably with talented hands of Mexican and Indian artisans and uses vintage shirts as itss canvas to embroider GPS coordinates, maps, rough sketches of irresistible paradise. Starting from baskets made in Morocco, painted fabrics and plates from Sénégal, carpets made by weavers in Fez, pieces are hand-embroidered in Mexico and India. This season, Kilometre embroiders holiday photos like lasting souvenirs and also uses embroider to make postcards.  


This collection, ORIGINS OF PERCEPTION, reflects on the “in-between” perception by playing with all graphic stages that influence how a new reality is made. From the eye’s receptors, to light, to how image and colour are created on screens and in our eyes. The SS23 collection uses the three colours of the digital world: deep red, forest green, vibrant blue, outlined by black and white. Known by the acronym RGB, these are the colours that the human eye perceives when it is in front of any screen, something that is part of everyone’s daily life. The concept is reflected in the graphics of the designer’s characteristic jacquards – always built in a pixelated universe – as well as in pieces made using manual knitting and crochet techniques, where 3D effects, fluctuations and triangular shapes are obtained. In this collection, the designer also created handcrafted accessories including bags and hats.


The Concept for SS23 is based on femininity juxtaposed with fluidity. Ideas explored include the realness of beauty, sheer fabrication, exposing and embracing women’s body with respect, and adoration for luxury and finer things in life. The silhouettes are fun: there’s a variety of volume, lengths, and structures. We have played with an explosion of colour, texture and craftsmanship – techniques acquired over the years of building and refining the David TLALE Woman. 


Forty. This is the number of years that Mossi Traoré’s father spent lifting, emptying, and cleaning garbage containers during his career as a waste collector in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, always dressed in a single uniform. A single, extra-bright outfit that camouflaged the man behind the man; a garment that, despite its fluorescent characteristics, repels glances. A uniform that facilitates the repetition of gestures, a mechanic of the dawn. For this Spring-Summer 2023 collection, Mossi pays tribute to his father and questions the hierarchy of uniforms as sources of inspiration.

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