October 4, 2020

Valentino is pleased to announce Valentino Collezione Milano by Pierpaolo Piccioli.

Being radical is an act of awareness, the will of an individual gesture. It requires both knowledge and freedom in personal expression. The signs and the codes of Valentino, today, are being re-signified: in Milano, in an industrial space that still resonates with the human activities that took part within its walls. In a factory that has been filled and defaced with flowers, a vision of what romanticism can be today takes shape and nuances as interpreted by women and men of all walks of life.

Romanticism is first and foremost a gaze on things and life, not on a set of rules. The individual vision of Pierpaolo Piccioli touches the individual spirit of each person, and what comes out of it is a suggestion of what Valentino can be now, following another perspective. It is about the values that make an ever-evolving identity, not the aesthetic that solidifies it.

 An egalitarian collection that swings between extremes and is fuelled by the will to purify. Lines are fluid, either extra-long or extra-short. Colors range from the tones of nude, that make body and clothing fuse one with the other, to bright hues that burn the retina like a signal. Flowers bloom on nylon pieces, swarm as prints, turn into lace, and lace is made of straw. The language of craft and of Couture mingle and merge. The idea of simplification and the quest for a new meaning guides the selection of pieces: masculine blouses, yet made of chiffon; five-pocket jeans; loose blazers; fluid long dresses and short-short dresses. At night, Valentino’s character arises. Even accessories undergo a process of re-signification: Rockstuds enlarge in a macro version, flowers bloom on sandals, boots have an assertive presence, bags are materic and tactile. The collection is a set of modules that can be individually adapted.

By being fragmented in a multiplication of views, the Valentino identity finds its inclusive, lively unity.

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