Walden x  MIHARA YASUHIRO, Paris collection (2010)

July 11, 2020

WOW were commissioned to create a movie for the catwalk of the spring / summer 2011 men’s collection of MIHARAYASUHIRO at Paris Fashion Week. The subject evolved around the contrast between our natural origins and urban life. We chose a technique utilizing the shadows of models as they walked along the runway as the subject for this project. This was combined with the shadows of a tree on a vast grassy plain, animals grazing and a thick fog engulfing a forest. These fabricated shadows were mixed with the real shadows of models walking between the projector and projection screen to create the impression of the show taking place within the natural world. 

About WOW 

WOW is a creative studio innovating experiences in art and design. WOW don’t lean on technology alone nor do we create without purpose. WOW have a vision to pursue deep, rich ideas to create change in society for the better. 

WALDEN MIHARAYASUHIRO S/S Collection 2011 from WOW inc. on Vimeo.

Creative Director / Planner : Kosuke Oho 
Director : Yoko Ishii 
Visual Designers : Hiroshi Ouchi, Shingo Abe, Tomoya Kimpara, Naoki Takano, Daihei Shibata, Shi Lin 
Producers : Hiroshi Takahashi, Nori Mabuzzi 

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