“What designers can offer now” Interview

July 12, 2020

Obscure circumstances continue around the world due to the impact of the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. How can fashion play a role at a time like this? What are on the minds of fashion designers in this situation where the whole industry—from manufacturers to fashion consultants are feeling insecure. This series will be presenting the voices of designers that continue to believe in fashion despite the situation while coping with day to day changes. The first of the series will start with suggestions for a “fattening industry by Mihara Yasuhiro, a designer with 24 years in the industry and who also participated in the Paris Men’s Collection “Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO” in January. 

What can designers offer now? 

Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO : I think it is a good opportunity to rethink the meaning of work. However, I don’t want you to arbitrarily assume that all fashion designers are charitable people. It is not an industry that is all that high in IQ. Fashion designers are egoists with a strong sense of partiality who continue to think about “something new” even under such circumstances. While we praise people who think about things that are essential to this world, we are obedient to the pure insanity of “fashion.” That’s why, I continue on as usual with my egoistic creations that are born from my daily life even though we are in such circumstances. That is because we are fashion designers. I’ve been working as a designer since 1996, but this situation we are in now is unquestionably abnormal. That said, fashion has fattened up along with the evolution of technology and has undergone a complete change from the former industry. From a certain time, the industry has become, let’s say, an undesirable one, in a state that was irreparable. I am sure many people felt this. In that sense, I think it’s a good opportunity. I pray that this will become an opportunity for change for the fashion industry’s undesirable farce of an industry.   

The company has begun efforts toward sharing the websites of support organizations on its official brand site as support towards measures against the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. Further, for the first time, it has started to sell their archive collection on their online store with a portion of the proceeds apparently going to funding as donation

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