Who is Hua Mu Lan?

October 4, 2020
For SHIATZY CHEN’s 2021 Spring Summer collection, SHIATZY CHEN invites the up-and-coming creative artist Zhong Lin to direct a short film in the theme of “Hua Mu Lan”, a Chinese legendary heroine. Here is a dialogue with Zhong Lin regarding the creative.

When you first heard of the project, what was your imagination at the very beginning?
To be honest, when I first heard of SHIATZY CHEN’s 21SS theme “MULAN”, first thing came into my mind was Disney’s “Hua Mulan”. Warriors and lots of Chinese inspired culture and filial piety.

What was your impression about SHIATZY CHEN before working on the project?
Traditional and dedicated to “classic” market.

What is your impression about SHIATZY CHEN now?
That I was wrong.

What is your interpretation of the theme “MULAN?
I think what the brand and I trying to deliver is the spirit of” MULAN”. “Everybody can be Mulan”, it’s not something physical, but it is the mindset. Mulan is a character who disguised herself as a man, took her father’s place in the army, and proved that woman can be an asset other than finding agood husband. It’s about breaking your comfort zone, and having bravery.

How did you express it through your creative eye?
The objective is to tell everyone you can be your own “MULAN”. The core is there, but we try to find a new message to the audience. Nowadays people tend to care a lot on the comments and criticism due to social media, and live under the shadow of it. People always love to tell you what to do, and not to do, trying to fit yourself into majority which is the safest way to avoid
being attacked. In the world of SHIATZY CHEN, we create three “MULAN” characters, in three different worlds of “fear”. The story leads to eventually how they find the way home at the end of the day.

Where do your inspirations come from?
Literally almost everything, anywhere. There’s no limitation. For “MULAN”, I definitely think about those who struggle in the society, who are trying to fight for their rights or people around me who have self-doubts.
Equality is what we want at the end.

SHIATZY CHEN Collection Spring-Summer 2021 Teaser [1.Departure]

SHIATZY CHEN Collection Spring-Summer 2021 Teaser [2.Along the road]

SHIATZY CHEN Collection Spring-Summer 2021 Teaser [3.Coming home]

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