A Conversation With Antonio Zaragoza (Liberal Youth Ministry)

juin 25, 2022

Mexican designer Antonio Zaragoza is the mind behind Liberal Youth Ministry (LYM), the Guadalajara-based brand founded in 2016 and currently among the Dover Street Market Paris hub of talent. With an approach that is colourful and ironic, he analyses the universality of youth and is deeply influenced by subcultures. Last year, the brand introduced women’s wear sub-label, DREAM BABY, that is designed in partnership with Zaragoza’s wife, Kenia Filippini. 

The visual reflects the idea of the collection and the theme I developed this season: an exploration of Aztec mythology through our zeitgeist.

Would you describe yourself as an explorer? 
More like a mind explorer.

Is exploration something that comes naturally to you? 
Yes, within abstract concepts, thoughts, and constant new ideas. 

What is your most enjoyable form of exploration? 
Observing my environment, no matter where I am standing. 

What is the goal of exploration? 
The discovery of new ideas, the destruction of limits or walls.

Tell us about a concept or idea you have explored this season? 
The immortal Quetzalcoatl (deity in Aztec culture); a multidimensional perreo (a very sensual South American dance), the city of the sun; post-future archaeology.

What kind of exploring do you undertake before starting a new collection? 
I explore within myself and my emotions. 

Why does exploration feel like such a fundamental part of fashion? 
For me, the concept of exploration is where everything starts.

In what ways are you exploring new materials, methods, technology each season — or with this collection, specifically?
I always like to explore abstract concepts that are not very easy to put in the material world; that is what is the most exciting form of exploring for me – concepts that do not really exist. 

What would you say to someone who is exploring fashion as a career? 

What is something or someplace you would like to explore in your lifetime? 
Past, present and future at the same time. This interview has been lightly edited for clarity. 

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