A Take On Fashion: Gianluca Cantaro

octobre 4, 2021
Portrait of Gianluca Cantaro, Italian fashion journalist, critic, and creative by Scott Schuman
Portrait of Gianluca Cantaro, Italian fashion journalist, critic, and creative by Scott Schuman

Gianluca Cantaro, Italian fashion journalist, critic, and creative has spent more than 20 years engaged in various senior fashion roles, most notably directing L’Uomo Vogue as the deputy of Franca Sozzani, and as editor-in-chief or L’Officiel Italia, L’Officiel Hommes Italia and Nowfashion.com. His journalistic vision took shape early on at La Repubblica in the role of section editor at D La Repubblica delle Donne, the magazine’s weekly supplement. He is also a lecturer and teacher at prominent Italian universities and fashion schools. 

As the world moves ahead, what is your take on fashion’s role in contributing to positive change?
Even if the world restlessly moves ahead, it seems that fashion is sticking to old habits. The pandemic should have been the beginning of a new era, where the manifestos and the proclamations of more responsible productions and behaviours could have started. It is not a process that can be completed overnight; but I believe the global crisis of values and economies should have helped rewrite the rules so often criticised as outdated. 

What is one trend or article of clothing that will define the coming year?
I feel that there is the need for freedom, but also to forget the casualwear we have been forced to wear during the pandemic. So free your body, wear small items such as tops or miniskirts. On the other hand, modern tailoring could play an important role to re-establish the desire for elegance that was put on hold for such a long time. 

What is something you’d love to see in fashion’s future — even if it remains a fantasy?
Coherence, but I feel like this will remain a fantasy.

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