After the rain comes the rainbow

juillet 11, 2020

After launching in 2018, Casablanca has emerged as one of the most exciting new fashion brands in the world. Having released four collections, Casablanca has garnered the support of some of the most luxury retail spaces in the world, highly regarded taste makers in press and a growth rate socially that is exponential in a very short space of time. Despite the short time in the marketplace.

Casablanca’s origins have strong foundations within the Parisian fashion circles, with its founder and creative director Charaf Tajer already jointly responsible for the emergence of French brand Pigalle, a night life brand Le Pompom and a contributor of Off- White, Nike, Supreme and Missoni. The long-term plans of Casablanca seek to build on this strong platform to create a brand that is a main stay within fashion, popular culture and creates a new experience for its consumer in the same way a traditional fashion house in Paris has done and builds a history that fervours longevity.

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