Behind the scene

mars 7, 2022

Production of AW22/23 Collection

With GENESIS as theme, the SHIATZY CHEN AW22/23 sees Design Director Chen Tsai-Hsia strike a match in the originally pitch-black darkness, lighting up the fire and radiance. Exploring the meaning of the ancient saying “obscure thy radiance, blend with the dust”, the dancing light exists alongside the dust and is just as important. Everyone’s past and future is the journey that guides one towards the spectacular radiance.

The stage for conversations between the landscape, architecture, and fashion
Shot at the Sun Moon Lake Xiangshan Visitor Center in Nantou, an open space overlooking the glittering lake, simple yet full of life and interaction. The béton brut with wood grain is like a pair of open hands embracing the entire landscape, setting the stage for a conversation between the architecture, nature, and fashion, and in the complete darkness, a ray of light beams through the crack, creating a space that is complementary to the inspirations in this collection. 

How has SHIATZY CHEN portrayed the changing fire, light, and smoke during the shoot? 
Since all three elements are abstract without actual form, we wanted them to be more mysterious with stories in the scenes we create, impacting the audience profoundly. Among these, the most iconic of all is the match, from striking to light to sparking the fire, and finally, the spiraling smoke as it burns to the end, all symbols subtly included in the shoot.

How to combine the vitality produced by the architecture and clothing? 
The architecture in its most modest form allows the audience to experience the natural interaction between the architecture itself and the light. The narrow path, the winding corridor, and the open outback all give rise to different changes in the light and shadow. The models dressed in the AW22/23 collection are like the light, the shadow, and the flame, taking turns dancing through the tunnel of time. 

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